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Education Revolution….?



This is the new face of Australian Parliament, and after a landslide victory in the election, Kevin Rudd has made a lot of promises to the voters, and to the Australian public. Do these promises actually have substance, or is it just typical hollow policies to win votes?

First on the agenda is this famous EDUCATION REVOLUTION, putting a laptop on the desk of every child in their last three years of schooling, creating a digital classroom. I’m sorry Mr Rudd, are you under the impression that a laptop is suddenly going to make every student study so much harder? In fact it creates a multitude of issues, students playing games and surfing the web instead of doing work. Not to mention that some of these children will just put the laptop up on Ebay and get themselves a nice paycheck out of it. This is not a revolution, this is a total waste of money! This won’t make schooling any better, it will just create more problems than it is really worth

Perhaps Kevin has realised that his Members of Parliament need some extra schooling, hence all these homework assginments he has been passing out over the last few days. Every member is going to visit a homeless shelter in their area and report back with supply and demands, and a number of people that are turned away each night. While it may give people a warm and fuzzy feeling that perhaps this PM cares, is anything really going to come of it other than good PR? Talks of building 600 houses for the homeless have been mentioned, so are we going to cram a couple of thousand people into each house? For those of you out there trying to do the math, yes that’s less than 100 houses per state, not to mention that I bet only the major cities will recieve them, leaving the rural homeless to continue without benefit, but whatever makes you sleep at night Mr Rudd

Ratifying Kyoto is also on the agenda, Rudd making the bold statement that he will slash Carbon Emissions 60% by the year 2050…. What radical action is he going to take to make this actually happen? How is he going to change our lifestyle to cut down on our emissions by such a huge number? Not to mention by the time we apparently reach this target he will be over 90 years old

Thanks Rudd, I’m looking forward to people  realising that you can’t deliver on what you promised us..

Working on a lonely Help Desk in a large organisation teaches you a lot, not necessarily things you actually need, or want to know, but teaches you none the less. Much in the way that a bartender is a confidant to the punters of the local pub, the Help Desk Monkey is the guy to blame for all of you life’s issues 
“It’s your fault that I pressed the close button without saving, it’s your fault that I didn’t save a backup on my USB Flash Drive, and it’s your fault that Interest Rates keep rising and my wife is having an affair with my brother John”
Yep, all in a days work for the unsuspecting Help Desk Monkey, trying to make his way into the ever growing IT Industry. Let’s be honest, being a Help Desk Monkey isn’t the most attractive job in the world, the pay is average, the work is boring and you get abused all day for things that are out of your control, but as the saying goes “Everyone starts somewhere”
Another thing you quickly learn is that many service providers and manufacturers don’t actually care if their products aren’t meeting your needs, or anyone else’s for that matter. I remember when the latest Windows OS “Vista” was released and I was tasked with completing research on if our current programs would be compatibkle. One company simply replied
Dear Hellerphant
We have done no testing on our product with Vista, nor do we plan to anytime in the near future
Wow, thanks guys, real help there. But I must say who can blame them, Vista is pretty much a horrible joke that just never ends. Microsoft really pulled through with that release, not only was it late, but it’s not even worth upgrading. Hell I was luck that work purchased me a copy of Ultimate, $752! You can build yourself an AMD 6000+ with 2gb of RAM and still have change for that price! Not to mention the awesome perfomance it offers, wow thanks for locking absoloutely EVERYTHING I would want access to. 
Recent news has shed light that XP Service Pack 3 blows Vista SP 1 performance enhaneces out of the water, so that’s another hit for Vista. Right now I can’t see any reason a user should use it….except for Gaming.
That’s right Gamers everywhere are groaning at the thought that they will need to install Microsoft’s latest demon spawn to run their new games like Crysis at full potential utilising the newly released Direct X 10. Only god can hope that somehow someone out there can make it work with XP so we don’t have to take the pain anymore.
Oh but, Vista is good….. I swear.

Sydney F.C Beat L.A Galaxy


Last night was a big moment for Australian Football with the exhibition match between Sydney F.C and L.A Galaxy. Sydney F.C played infront of their largest crowd at just over 80,000 punters, but there was only one man in their minds and that is the great David Beckham.


While the L.A Galaxy did play well, it seemed that the media seemed to turn them into a one man team but the match said it all. Beckham is a true player and didn’t dominate possession of the ball, but when he did have possession he was leathal. Despite a few scruffs, most notibly the continual angst displayed by Hermes, the game went off in a way that made me feel content that this could perhaps become and annual matchup.


Sydney got the first two goal of the match, and held their lead with a score of 5 – 3 to win at the end of the 90 minutes. While displaying the A League’s talent last night, one would surely hope this will be the boost the league needs to pick itself up in it’s early stages and become a more widely supported sport.


I personally think the A League is making strides this year, not only with last nights match, but being feature in the FIFA 2008 games it’s becoming more prodominant that it is a real league, that has substance and a pool of incredible talent.


What are your thoughts? Should Sydney F.C vs L.A Galaxy become a traditional match once a year?