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Nathan Drake rivals Indy


Want to know what Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is like? Imagine a game of Tomb Raider mixed with the Gunplay from Gears of War, with the movie and comedy stylings of an Indiana Jones movie and you pretty much have it in a nutshell. Yet while this game can be compared to all of these things, it still manages to create a world of it’s own that is a cut above the rest, and one of the most memorable games I’ve played this year

Nathan Drake, an explorer who is a decendant of the famous Sir Francis Drake is set out to find a treasure after finding a clue in the coffin of his acestor. With the help of his long time friend Sully and the host of a reality TV Show Elena, the player is thrust into a world of exploration, dramatic gunplay with pirates and a rich storyline that keeps you coming back for more.

The graphics are stunning, and in times will have you sitting there in awe, especially while scaling a clifface over a waterfall, noticing that your shirt is actually wet when you get out. Dynamic shadows really bring the jungle to life as sunlight filters through the trees effortlessly, creating a realistic jungle setting that rivals Crysis. My only criticism is that the enemies could have been a little more detailed.

The audio is fantastic, from the musical score to the explosion of that grenade that was thrown at you to the voice acting, it really does a great job in dragging the player into the world. This is seriously some of the best voice acting I’ve seen in a long time, although it just goes along with some of the most interesting characters this year. Nathan Drake seriously does remind me of Indiana Jones a lot, but put them together and there are several differences. Elena plays a pivitol role in the story, and creates a little more than just “Let’s find the treasure and kill pirates” which I think keeps the game from getting stale

Weapons are good and spread out at a good pace as is the awesomely cool Jetski levels that are always lots of fun. Gameplay is easy to get a hold of, and within no time you will find yourself jumping from cliff to cliff and shooting bad guys as you run through the 20 + chapters of the game.

For those who love unlocking achievements there are plenty of reasons to replay the game (even if the story doesn’t bring you back for a second time round) with treasures to find, and gunplay achievements to be completed.

All in all, Uncharted is easily one of, if not THE, best game out on PS3 right now. It appeals to pretty much every market of gameplay, with fantastic characters, good controls and a decent story, what isn’t there to love


A Melbourne “Computer Geek” who stabbed to deat a work colleague after robbing her has been jailed for 19 years

19 years? Let’s just get the facts right. The killer stabbed his work colleague 66 times, stuffed the body in the boot of her own car, and robber her of $9000 to spend at Crown Casino and he only got 19 years of jail time, with parole in 14

What is wrong with society? This guy has stabbed someone 66 times to death, and due to a gambling problem and depression, this guy has seemed to get off light with only 19 years of jail time?

It’s scary to think that I could be here at work and get killed by someone jsut because they are an alcoholic, not right if you ask me


In his first meeting with a world leader as Prime Minister, Mr Rudd held talks with his New Zealand counterpart Helen Clark on his back porch yesterday morning

He only had a cuppa with some scones for his first meeting? Hell I expected more from you Kevin! Why not invite all the world leaders around for a good old fashioned BBQ with free Piss in the backyard? I’m sure you’d make more friends that way

Addition to Reborn Online

Well for those of you who read this blog there will be some changes. Tim is a smart young lad who will post his rantings on here for you all to read to throw something into the mix, and Teych is going to be dropping by from time to time to no doubt talk about motorsport and politics, so welcome the new guys and enjoy



The controversial “kill switch” function of Windows Vista will be disabled by Microsoft after customer complaints that legitimate copies of the OS were recognised as pirate copies….

Hackers 1 Microsoft 0

125_wotnext_may07_f10cb.jpg Well once again Telstra has pulled through with their online video site shut down to perform “Emergency Maintenance” after it was brought to the media’s attention that the site was hosting footage of naked women, available for free view online, and for $1 subscribers could download them to their phones.

While the site was not intended to be the host of pornographic material (visit for those needs) it is however a useful tool for local bands to gain exposure by posting their videoclips for songs to promote themselves.

While Telstra refused to comment, Family groups are accusing the company of exploiting young internet users, and demanded that the Rudd government to intervene

Do it Kevin, you have gained so much popularity over the Kyoto ratification, why not be the publics knight in shining armor and do something about it?

“The filmclips on the site treat young women as sex objects… all delivered through a part owned government communications provider” Women’s Forum of Australia director Melinda Tankard Reist said 

So when that girl looked down the camera at me and smiled, she didn’t know she was being filmed? Not all women are sex objects, and most of the population realise this.

Telstra are part to blame for this but not fully. Yes they should have administered the site, but do they really have that much control over what people upload onto the site? While I’m sure they should have realised that pornographic material was being featured on their site and done something about it, but it’s not as if Telstra employees were out filming the stuff

I’d dare say that is going to get a lot of traffic over the next few days…..


When the first Manhunt was released in 2003 it was received well by the critics, yet the media had a field day with the main focus of the game being murder in the most brutal way possible. Four years later the sequel almost never saw the light of day due to the extreme adult content, and while Rockstar fought for an Adults Only rating, they didn’t get it. So after a few months of censoring the game, finally I’ve gotten my hands on a copy for the Nintendo Wii. So let’s see if this is more than just a gore fest, and if there is any substance to the violence


Meet Daniel Lamb, the main character you will be playing as in Manhunt 2. The game starts off with a riot at a Mental Institution and you are escaping with a fellow inmate, while slowly uncovering the reason that you were in the institue and everything that has happened in the past. Ultimately the story is quite an interesting one, and definately has some twists and turns along the way, but unfortunately for Manhunt 2 it’s just not good enough. The characters aren’t believable, and I feel after playing this game through  many players will be saying “Daniel who?”

The graphics are average to say the least. I wasn’t expecting something amazing being on the Wii, but I certainly did expect more. The graphics engine doesn’t look too much better than the first Manhunt. Environments, while fitting to the setting of the game, could have been a bit more varied and detailed.

The gameplay is largely the same the as the first game, although there are some new features that are a welcome addition, one being execution moves being able to be completed with firearms. The Wii controls are quite decent, although I found it didn’t always register my swinging motions and that often ended up with me being dead on the ground. AI is questionable a lot of the time, and is nothing short of below average, in face I’d almost say that the first game had better AI than this game. Also after the first few levels you will find yourself just running the mill and it really lacks any real excitement. The executions are also censored, which is quite annoying as the screen goes red and blurred and you really can’t see the damange that you’ve inflicted.

The one thing that does stand out with Manhunt 2 is the sound. It sounds brutal, and is almost good enough to make you feel sick. Hearing the pound of a sledgehammer against someones face is still making my stomach turn.

I’m sorry this review isn’t longer, but I stand by that Manhunt 2 has been overshadowed by the controversy. The story is something less than memorable, characters a lame as are the environments. Add this to an average control scheme and outdated graphics, and Manhunt 2 is potential missed to be the first real serious game on the Nintendo Wii



mundine.jpg Never one to stray from controversy, former Rugby player turned boxer (or more of a brawler really) Anthony Mundine has spoken out against Olympic Champion Cathy Freeman, claiming that the aboriginal ambassador sold out, and is not worthy as a leader

“She sold out, toeing the line. And that ain’t me. I’m not fake. As far as being a leader, that’s not her anyway. A man can only lead”

Ok I don’t know where to begin with the reason that this statement is rediculous. Let’s have a look here, Anthony Mundine played rugby, gave it up to be a boxer, has won a few championships but retained none of them, and overall, hasn’t really achieved that much at all

Cathy Freeman on the other hand has won 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal, not to mention represented us infront of thousands of people at thousands of events and placed in the top 3 in over 20 major races. Let’s not forget the tireless work she has done for the aboriginal community since her retirement

So do we trust a boxer who spoke out on September 11  saying that the Americans deserved what happened to them, and that it wasn’t an act of terrorism as if you understand their way of life they are fighting for God’s Laws

OR do we put our faith behind an honest, respected athlete who has done so much for her country? 

wallingersleepertiny.jpgMark Wallinger, an artist hailing from Britain has won on of the art world’s most controversial awards, by submitting a film of himself prancing around the streets of Berlin at night……Dressed as a bear? 

Well done Mark with your truly original idea, let me just run back through my Jackass collection and wow, it’s a group of guys prancing around the streets of Japan dressed as Panda Bears I thought art was supposed to put forward creativity, expression and passion, but obviously plagiarism is also a big part of the art world…    

Just thought I’d drop this post in here so you know what you can expect to see here on the Blog this week as quite a number of big titles have dropped into my hands for testing and reviews My first game up for review this week is the highly controversial Manhunt 2 from the guys and gals over at Rockstar. After months of waiting after this game had been banned pretty much everywhere, I finally got my hands on the new and censored version of the title. Is the violence justified, or were Rockstar just trying to cause trouble, check back here to find out in the next day or soAfter that I’m taking to the sky with the sixth installment in the Ace Combat series on the Xbox 360. I’ve always been a fan of the series, even though I do usually lean towards a more simulated flight game, it’s amazing graphics is always what got me hooked.On the PS3 we are taking a look at Naughty Dog’s impressive title Uncharted: Drakes Fortune which is one of my favourite PS3 titles to date, with great characters and even better visualsFinally I’m going to end the week with the newest addition to World War II sims with Medal of Honor Heroes II on Wii. New controls make up for the pitiful attempt they did with vanguard, not to mention an extremely impressive 32 player online option, which goes to show that the Wii’s online capabilities are up there with the best of them Yes ladies and gents, this week is a big week for reviews, I’ll keep them coming as the week goes on