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Corey Worthington- Party Liason?


I’m not going to lie, this whole story with this little wanker Corey Worthington has gotten TOTALLY out of hand!

For those who have been hiding from the world wide media, the story here is that this 16 year old kid threw a party at his house while his parents were away on holidays. He organised it through popular social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook and via text messages and word of mouth, which resulted in 500 + teenagers getting to his place, with a whole bunch of booze and drinking themselves stupid.

Naturally the police were called, with several squads, sniffer dogs and a police helicopter required to bring the party to a close. Police cars, and surround property were damaged, and the police are charging the Worthington family $20,000 to compensate.

Well first of all the media attacks his parents, which I feel is completely unfair. They were on a holiday in which their son backed out of as he “had to work”. They then organised for him to stay at a friends place for the weekend, and obviously he changed those plans without their consent or knowledge.

But the real issue here, is this little brat doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. He is actually proud of his achievement and really doesn’t give a shit about what he’s done.

Now the media is adding fuel to the fire, with every TV station getting interviews with this kid, thrwoing it in our faces. Facebook has developed a Corey Worthington Trust Fund with donations to pay for the $20,000 bill this kid a got himself. Still he hasn’t even been home to his parents since they returned.

Soon we are going to see this kid with his own show on TV, most likely some MTV junk like Punk’D. This is really going to send a strong message to the youth, “Kid’s don’t try this at home….. because you will get 15 minutes of fame and a reality TV show out of it” really makes me not want to throw an awesome party!

 I just can’t get over the attitude this kid displays. When asked by Channel 9 if he had any tips for others throwing a party his response was “Yep, get me to throw it for you”. He’s been getting job offers from events companies, nightclubs, you name it, this stunt could turn out to be very lucrative. One promoter has said

“We’re prepared to put him in as a party promoter — we’d organise an underage party and have him as the host.

“A promoter who can organise a party for 500 people can make anywhere from $2000 to $10,000.

“If he can pull 500 to the street, he could easily fill up a club.”

I just wish the media would let it go, and stop sending the message that what this kid did it all ok!

Digital Heavy Rain Looks Amazing!


I’m not going to lie, this is by far the most amazing graphics I have seen for a video game…..EVER. There I said it! Click on the pics and see for yourself

These two screenshots are from the new game from Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain. Known for their movie style game making, amazing stories that engage the player from previous cult classics Fahrenheit and Omikron- The Nomad Soul this is shaping up to be another amazing hit for the studio that has developed their own Motion Capture Studio for their games.

Director David Cage- “Virtual actors, especially, are for me the most important part. I see them as the vectors of emotion; I need them to be as believable as possible in their acting performance and emotional response. Quantic Dream has massively invested over the past ten years in this aspect by acquiring a Motion Capture system internally and working very hard on facial animation and advanced rendering systems in particular.”

This is due out for the PS3 this year


While speculation has been running wild with the recent developments on the war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD a interesting piece of information has been leaked to the press…

Digital Bits reporter Bill Hunt is saying that his “second to none” sources informed him that both Paramount and Universal are currently in the process of jumping off a sinking ship and joining the Blu-Ray wagon. 

Paramount recently denied the rumour that they were going to the Blu camp, but this is due to the contract they currently hold with HD-DVD, that is keeping them from switching right now, and to confirm these rumours

BUT word on the street is while Paramount can announce any day now that they are making the switch, we will be waiting until at least Feburary 2008 for Universal due to contractual obligations

This sure will be the last nail in the coffin for HD-DVD.

Once again we are reminded of just how trustworthy, reliable and morally just our officers in the Victorian Police Force are with this great piece of news…

A 33 year old Victorian Senior Constable from Melbourne’s Eas has been arrested after a six month investigation by the the Police Ethical Standards Department. 

The officer is facing 4 counts of rape (with 3 women), 11 drug offences, attempting to pervert the course of justice, two counts of misconduct and just as the cherry on top, two counts of offering bribes. Police allege that the drugs in question involved ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines

Well done officer, still would have liked to have seen a few counts of Grand Theft Auto and maybe Manslaughter in there


Well after the huge success of Bioshock in 2007, finally some details have surfaced of the sequal from 2k Games.

It is said to be a prequel based before the events of the first game.

My speculation here, but I imagine it could be the leadup to the fall of Rapture, which will only make the first game a lot more important and has potential to make another hit game here

Bioshock was the first game in a long time that had me excited. Word is we can expect Bioshock 2 in 2009


Seems to be that all my posts of late have been to do with the HD Format war, and yet again another blow to the HD-DVD camp with rumours that Paramount are also leaving the format, right after Warner Bros jumped off the now sinking ship and got on the Blu-Ray wagon

But it seems these could be much more than just forum speculative rumours, word has it that Paramount actually had a clause to get out of the exclusive format contract, which involved if major studios (like Warner Bros) jumped ship, that they could have the chance to do the same. 

If this is true, surely New Line would follow leaving the HD-DVD format officially dead

IF you got a HD-DVD player for Christmas, I’d be trying to take it back…….now 

Although expected, it was never certain that a sequel would follow the successful Playstation 3 game “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” until this morning when Naughty Dog president Christophe Balestra announced that work has already begun on the follow up title

With the next Naughty Dog release anticipated to be the next in the Jak and Daxter series, I think fans of the Uncharted series will be waiting at least until 2009 for the release

I will keep you posted as more news becomes avail


Quite hillarious how a few days after I write my piece on Blu-Ray winning the HD War, that Warner Bros announce moving across to Blu Ray exclusive, and HD-DVD cancelling their CES Conference! This is definately a HUGE blow to the format, and sure signals the end of HD-DVD in 2008

With only two studios backing HD-DVD exclusively (Universal and Paramount) I think we will see them jump from this sinking ship early this year

So perhaps a Blu-Ray Xbox in the future is not such an impossible dream after all 😛

Blu-Ray To Win The War?

It seems like the war being raged between Blu Ray and HD has seemed to quieten down, and maybe it’s because HD is off in a dark corner slowly and peacefully dying?

Everywhere I got lately there is Blu Ray advertised. All Sanity stores have now started stocking blu ray movies, as have Target, Big W and EB Games, and Video Ezy stores nation wide have Sony Bravia screens with Sony PS3 displays and Blu Ray Movies for sale, but where is the same exposure for HD-DVD?

I went to JB Hi-Fi in the city to purchase a HD Drive for my Xbox 360 and some movies, and when I got there they had 21 titles, and only 102 HD-DVD movies in stock. I looked at the other shelf where Blu Ray was sitting and there was over 40 titles and just over 280 movies in stock. I said casually to a salesman who was helping me out “HD must be selling heaps this christmas” to which he laughed and said “we can’t seem to give these away, we’ve actually stopped ordering them”. The blu-ray titles were selling like hotcakes, and ultimately I put down my HD purchase and just bought $250 worth of surround sound and blu ray movies

This seemed to be the trend in every store I’ve gone into since, and my blu ray collection is growing at a steady rate. With the new Macbook Pro rumoured to have Blu Ray drives, it seems that HD may have finally lost the war


Once again Apple, those guys who brought us the Mouse are bringing in a Keyboard that is hoping to change the way we see keyboards forever!

A patent application filed on March 13, 2007 shows that Apple have been researching a dynamically changing keyboard using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) on each key face. Some will say this is not revolutionary as they have seen the widely advertised Optimus Keyboard. But this begs the question, which one will ship first?

By modifying the key faces, keys could reflect the current functionality, rather than relying on memorizing shortcuts. When introducing the iPhone, Apple boasted that the lack of physical keys meant that the user interface was entirely flexible. OLED-lit keys would provide similar flexibility.

Imagine using photoshop and having all your Cut, Copy Paste and most used features in Picture Format on your keyboard rather then remembering all those Apple + Z or Shift + L shortcuts. This could be very very cool!