It seems like the war being raged between Blu Ray and HD has seemed to quieten down, and maybe it’s because HD is off in a dark corner slowly and peacefully dying?

Everywhere I got lately there is Blu Ray advertised. All Sanity stores have now started stocking blu ray movies, as have Target, Big W and EB Games, and Video Ezy stores nation wide have Sony Bravia screens with Sony PS3 displays and Blu Ray Movies for sale, but where is the same exposure for HD-DVD?

I went to JB Hi-Fi in the city to purchase a HD Drive for my Xbox 360 and some movies, and when I got there they had 21 titles, and only 102 HD-DVD movies in stock. I looked at the other shelf where Blu Ray was sitting and there was over 40 titles and just over 280 movies in stock. I said casually to a salesman who was helping me out “HD must be selling heaps this christmas” to which he laughed and said “we can’t seem to give these away, we’ve actually stopped ordering them”. The blu-ray titles were selling like hotcakes, and ultimately I put down my HD purchase and just bought $250 worth of surround sound and blu ray movies

This seemed to be the trend in every store I’ve gone into since, and my blu ray collection is growing at a steady rate. With the new Macbook Pro rumoured to have Blu Ray drives, it seems that HD may have finally lost the war