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While not a new movie, I thought it was time to check out Grindhouse, a two movie production with Rodriguez and Tarantino that was released last year. Rodriguez released Planet Terror while Tarantino released Death Proof.

I’ll say it now, I’m a self confessed Tarantino fan, I own every movie he’s ever released, and I was quite excited to see him redeem himself after the Kill Bill series (I personally did not think much of them). Well now I believe that if Tarantino wrapped up a steaming turd in tin foil he could sell them as earrings and still have critics and fans saying how fantastic they were, and that’s the feeling I get with Death Proof.

Annoying characters plague the movie, drab dialogue that doesn’t have any memorable moments like his earlier work like Jackie Brown or Resovoir Dogs, and a story so thin that I think a game of Pac Man has more of a story.

Kurt Russell plays Stuntman Mike, who basically drives around in his big black car, stalking and murder females. The story follows two groups of females that have altercations with Stuntman Mike. Seriously, that is the whole story.

Dissapointing, and while featuring the trademark Tarantino qualities found in all of his films, apart from some sexy cars, this movie in my opinion is terrible.

As a Tarantino fan, I am shattered


him.jpgLast night was one night that I will remember for the rest of my life. Last night I finally got the chance to see one of, if not, my favourite band in the world, Finnish rock group HIM. Before I get to my review of the concert, I would like to share with you the story that brought me to this special night.When I was 16 I was stumbling through JB Hi-Fi and I came across Greatest Love Songs Vol 666, and I’m not sure what made it stand out to me, but along with the interesting album work, the import only version and a cheap price tag of $15 I bought it along with a few other albums that day and went home not knowing what would happen.About a week passed by and I eventually put the CD into my stereo, and from that moment I was totally hooked on their sound. About a year passed by and Bam Margera started to get big in Australia, and it seemed that over the space of a few months I was no longer listening to an underground band, as all my friends were starting to get into HIM due to the exposure from Bam.At the time I was running a local promotions company, doing gigs in my local town and my friends said that I should organise a HIM tour of Australia as a joke. So I emailed their manager Seppo, not ever expecting a reply, but I did in fact get a reply from Jim Morewood, their manager outside of the USA and for three weeks we chatted about possible shows. Due to my young age (17 at the time) and inexperience with large promotions, Jim decided to go with someone else with more experience. I was not upset though, because this just meant that I would get to see my favourite band.The next year they were coming to Aus with support of their Dark Light album. I was excited, I was pumped, I was ready. Then two weeks before the concert I lost my job and crashed my car and couldn’t go, I had missed out on the band.So there I was, two years later, and from the minute the band walked on stage my heart was pumping. Festival Hall was full, unfortunately full of young people who didn’t seem to be die hard fans of the band. Regardless, the atmosphere was CRAZY!While Ville could hardly be understood while speaking, minus a few audible jokes here and there, their stage presence was great. As usual he smoked more cigarettes in their one and a half hour set than I do in a year, Lindt’s guitar solos were sot on and vibrant, and Gas was dominant on the drums, driving each and every song with strong and solid beats.Hit after Hit was churned out, playing the usuals like Wicked Game, Buried Alive By Love, Soul on Fire, Razorblade Kiss and showing off a few songs from Venus Doom. Finishing their encore with The Sacrament (my favourite song by the group) and an instrumental, they left the stage making me want more.Would I go see them again? In a heartbeat. Not the best show I’ve seen (Rage wins that one) but one of the most memorable 

Run Tony Run!


Run Tony Run! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, now the fun loving criminal has been extradited from his safe haven in Greece, his lawyers are claiming that he cannot get a fair trial in Australia due to comments made by Victoria’s former premier at the time, Steve Bracks…

Lawyer Mirko Bagaric says Mokbel’s chance of a fair trial has been severely diminished, not just because of the amount of media coverage but because of the source of the prejudicial material.

“When Tony was actually firstly apprehended, the then premier Steve Bracks come out and said that Victorians should be happy about that because underworld crime has now been solved in Victoria,” he said.



Murder…..Drug Trafficing………..I seriously doubt that Steve Bracks comments have anything to do with a fair trial, but his lawyer may be onto something here, and there is a chance that Mokbel could have his trial in his homeland of Lebanon

Looks like after an AMAZING 2007 for gaming, 2008 is not going to slow down and really push the boundaries of this gamer’s wallet…

Let’s just think back to last year, we saw a lot of quality titles, Bioshock, Call Of Duty 4, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Corruption and many more that were huge hits and high quality games.

But just in the space of this month I’m currently finding myself with too many big games to review, not enough time to do it, and too much excitement to sit down and play one of them at a time…

Condemned 2: Bloodshot is a great game thus far, been waiting for this one a long time, and it will be the first review I post. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 just arrived in my office today (a day before release in Aus) along with a copy of Super Smash Bros. This is going to be a big weekend, thank god for the easter break is all I can say 😛

 Then I start a new job next week, which is a 40 min drive away from my home, so don’t think I’ll be doing too much gaming for a little while, but what are you guys playing and looking forward to?