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Binge Drinkers Unite?

What are your thoughts on the Rudd Governments rediculous tax hike on “alcopops” and now the claim that if you drink more than 4 middies of beer or two glasses of wine you are binge drinking?

I’m interested in both legal age and all you kids who like a drink on the weekend (I’m not agreeing that you should be drinking below the age of 18 lets just make that clear)

First of all my thoughts….

The Rudd Crusade are trying to tackle the problem of street violence which they believe is largely caused by teenage binge drinking. How do they think they will stop this issue? By introducing a 70% tax hike on all alcopops. For starters WHAT THE HELL IS AN ALCOPOP? I’ve never once heard someone refer to a Jim Beam or a Bundy as an ALCOPOP. So now instead of paying a sweet price of $16 for a six pack of Bundy I find myself paying $22, and a slab of Jack Daniels is now $105! I am a hard working, responsible adult who enjoys a drink on the weekends, only a six pack or so, and now because parents can’t control their teens I am suffering for them. THIS IS TOTAL FUCKING BUFFALO DIARRHEA ASS MUNCHING OUT MY DICK BULLSHIT!

This sudden large increase in price is having people go out and buy straight alcohol instead. Cheaper alternative, but this has a negative impact. Why you may ask? Well for us over the legal age each can or bottle of PREMIX (I refuse to call them alcopops) drink has a standard drink rating so you can monitor how much you have had, so you can know if you are safe to drive and drink responsibly etc. This is a standard and is easy to monitor and control. Well now I refuse to pay rediculous prices for my booze I find myself mixing my own drinks, which is NOT controlled. I have no real way of monitoring how much alcohol I have in my drink as someone else may mix a drink for me a little stronger than I would myself, or maybe my second drink had less coke in it than my first etc…

So now instead of having a controlled substance, teenagers are mixing their own straight drinks and end up even worse off! Smart move Ruddster!

So if teens are the problem, upping the price on alcopops must be the solution. NO! How about tougher liquor laws, obviously they aren’t tough enough if teens are constantly binge drinking. Upping the price stops nothing, it just makes consumers who are responsible and of legal age outraged!

Parents are the problem. Control your children. If your kid is having a party don’t let them have booze. It is your responsibility to look after your own kids, not us tax payers paying for it in the long run.

Now the Rudd Crusade comes out saying 2 glasses of wine or 4 middies constitutes as binge drinking…..REDICULOUS! This is all to support their plans to now up the price on beer and wines too. I know many people who go out for dinner, drink a bottle or two of wine and are perfectly responsible, I wouldn’t call that binge drinking.

Personally I think it’s a fucking joke, and just another example of Rudd’s lack of understanding of our country, and another prime example that he should not be leading the country….


Best $10 Ever Spent?

$10 will buy you a lot these days, a pack of cigarettes, a large meal from McDonald’s, and depending on what part of town you live on it can probably get you a filthy street urchant to perform acts you’ve only seen on a scandleous video of a celebrity in a hotel room somewhere in Paris? What do all these things have in common? They all leave bad tastes in your mouth (or hers, even his if you’re into that kind of thing) and the same usually applies for games that only cost $10.

Trials 2 would be the exception to this rule. Trials 2 is this fun little game that has you riding a bike through courses that the Crusty Demons would be too shit scared to attmept, all while employing a realistic physics engine and online stat tracking worldwide. Each course slowly gets harder and harder and it’s one of those games that you can sit down to play for 15 minutes, and before you know it you have to get dressed to go to work as you haven’t been to bed yet.

Graphically it’s simple yet what it does have is done well. The flames, lighting and shadows are fantastic, sound effects are good and controls are simple. My favourite feature is the stats tracking and team competitions. Basically everyone who is playing trials 2 has an account, and every track they pass their time is recorded and placed on the worldwide rankings. This is great, I can see that while I’m not totally the best at number 1, I’m not the worst at 10424. But what you can do through the power of a friends list is create a TEAM to represent, and all of a sudden you are racing for your teams glory!

All in all want to spend a good $10 that doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth? Trials 2 is the way to go. Available for purchase through STEAM

With the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4 on our doorsteps the reviews are starting to trickle in one by one. In a surprising move Konami have enforced restrictions about exactly what publications can, and can’t talk about

IGN UK confirmed this in the opening paragraph of their review “”In return for letting us play Metal Gear Solid 4 before its release, Konami issued us with a list of things that we’re not allowed to discuss. This list of prohibited topics is pretty long, and even extends as far as several facts that the company itself has already made public.”

While IGN were happy to publish a review despite the restrictions on their freedom of speech, it seems that gaming publication EGM are not so happy with Konami’s imposition, stating that the will not publish a review “Due to the limitations that Konami wanted to place on our comments”

It seems that Konami want o let loose a little information to satisfy the hunger of those eagerly awaiting one of the biggest titles of the year, but don’t want to let all the cats out of the bag just yet.

Metal Gear Solid is set to hit store shelves in just a few more weeks