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iPhone App Round-Up

Well I’ve had my iPhone 3G since launch day here in Australia and in those few months the app store has really picked up with some useful applications. Problem is with so many bogus apps out there it’s hard to know what’s worth the cash and what isn’t, so here I’ve listed some apps that are functional and worth checking out!

First up is productive app called “Air Sharing” by Avatron Software. This app allows you to share documents of all kinds, word, excel, pages, PDF an many more from your PC, Mac or Linux machine to your iPhone. You can take your important docs with you and access them when you need them. Get in quick as Avatron are offering it as a Free Download for the first 2 weeks!

Facebook is the new social networking giant, and with an all new iPhone app it’s easy to stay in touch with friends on the go. Change profile details, post photos directly from your iPhone and write on walls with this free, easy to use app

While Myspace isn’t the cool thing anymore enough people still use it to make the team create a first class iPhone app. In my opinion a nicer app than Facebook and it’s free!

Tap Tap Revenge is my favourite iPhone game. Basically it’s like guitar hero for the iPhone, online leaderboards, downloadable tracks and a classy interface makes this a must have app, and it’s free!

Palringo is hands down the best iPhone IM client out there, supporting nearly all providers, and sporting great interface and features this is a must have app for messengers on the go, and it’s free!

And last but not least my favourite app Remote. This app allows you to control you iTunes on your computer by using your iPhone, eating dinner in one room and a song comes on that you simply cannot stand? Just change it using remote without even leaving the table!

So my friends start downloading and if you know of any other good apps please let me know so I can check them out!

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Lego Indy

It seems a long time ago when Lego Star Wars graced us with a family friendly, fresh faced, fun look at one of the biggest franchises and changed the way we would look at Lego platformers forever. With two sequels it was time to move on to the next Lucasfilm series, Indiana Jones.

What we are given is much of the same, graphics are a little better but this is most likely due to the real world locations instead of outer space. It’s nice to see Traveller’s Tale have kept in the humour that we have grown to love.

What I immediately noticed on the first level and then by the end of the second level I was ready to never touch this game again, POOR CONTROLS! Hell even Bill Clinton can control his actions better than I can control this ducking game. Jumping from platforms are hard to judge by horrible camera angles, and don’t even try to aim coz you’ll be throwing shit at the walls instead of your enemys.

Level design is more varied when compared to LEGO Star Wars and the puzzles are solid too. All in all if you are looking for a family friendly game this could work for you, or it could backfire when you end up stringing together a non sensible string of profanities at the poor controls infront of the kids


Well the iPhone 3G has been out worldwide for quite some time now, and many of you are surely by now wondering IF you should Jailbreak that monster or not. What I hope to do is help you make an INFORMED decision.

For those of you who have heard about Jailbreak but don’t know what it mean, basically it unlocks the phone and allows you to install a bunch of Apps that Apple have not released or created. Now for those who had a 1st gen iPhone or an iPod Touch it was beneficial, but now with Apple opening the App Store for us all to enjoy, most would say the incentive just isn’t there.

I tend to agree with these people. I Jailbroke my iPhone two weeks ago and I just restored it to the current 2.0.2 firmware today. While having the ability to have Quake and custom themes are appealing, there was not enough benefit for me to use the other apps that are available from a Jailbroken iPhone. I would suggest you do your research as to the type of software you are hoping to get, see if it’s available through Apple’s App Store, or the Jailbreak installer, and make a decision.

The process is easy enough, and I’d be more than willing to post up a step by step guide for you guys if you want one

So To Jailbreak or Not To Jailbreak? Research and if you will use enough apps that aren’t available with a non Jailbroken iPhone, go for it 🙂

Spore has been in development for what seems to have been a mammoth of time, but finally last week it hit the streets and people have been going mad for it ever since. What can you expect to find in Will Wright’s newest creation? Well first let’s discuss how we got to this point first….

So no doubt hardcore gamers will know who Will is, and all you casual readers out there would have at some point either played or heard of a little game called The Sims. The Sim series of games started in the late 80’s with the classic Sim City which was followed by a numerous amount of games until the ever successful The Sims, and The Sims 2. I’m not going to lie, controlling peoples lives instead of living your own seemed a rediculous idea to waste my valuable time, but many people love the game, hell I did find myself killing a few spare hours on it, and people keep buying it, and keep enjoying it, but there is something that just doesn’t sit right for me.

Sure The Sims I get that, but then they released some expansion packs. Sure I understand how these can be cool, but at $99.95 AUD for The Sims/The Sims 2 followed by a further $49.95 AUD for each expansion pack it adds up to a LOT of cash for your new found addiction. 

Sure one or two expansions at that price not too bad, but there are what seems MILLIONS of the packs floating around. The Sims: Hot Date, The Sims: University, The Sims: Pets, The Sims: Government Lies, The Sims: Dog took a dump on new Persian Rug so need to get someone to clean the carpets extravaganza, The Sims: Terrorist Holidays the list goes on.

So now we have Spore and immediately I found myself drawn to it. You start off as a cell from an asteroid that hits a planet (which you get to name) and you float around in the water eating either plants or meat depending on WHAT your species is. This portion of the game lasts a good 25 mins or so, and while can get boring it certainly pays off. 

Once the requirements had been fulfilled I found myself evolving to the next stage of life. This involved me getting on land, and meeting and befriending, or killing and setting species up for extinction. While all this is going on, I am finding shiny new body parts available for me to create my species the way I see fit. 

And now I’m up to the third stage of evolution, getting a tribe together. This plays out like a watered down RTS game, but I still enjoy it immensly. The idea of the game is to evolve to outerspace travel, in which you can fly around visiting other planets and futher enhancing your species. The online component allows you to visit other players species on other planets, and also track their stats in the Sporepedia.

So really many people are describing this game as a God game. Yeah that’s cool but isn’t the church telling us that Evolution doesn’t exist?