Well the iPhone 3G has been out worldwide for quite some time now, and many of you are surely by now wondering IF you should Jailbreak that monster or not. What I hope to do is help you make an INFORMED decision.

For those of you who have heard about Jailbreak but don’t know what it mean, basically it unlocks the phone and allows you to install a bunch of Apps that Apple have not released or created. Now for those who had a 1st gen iPhone or an iPod Touch it was beneficial, but now with Apple opening the App Store for us all to enjoy, most would say the incentive just isn’t there.

I tend to agree with these people. I Jailbroke my iPhone two weeks ago and I just restored it to the current 2.0.2 firmware today. While having the ability to have Quake and custom themes are appealing, there was not enough benefit for me to use the other apps that are available from a Jailbroken iPhone. I would suggest you do your research as to the type of software you are hoping to get, see if it’s available through Apple’s App Store, or the Jailbreak installer, and make a decision.

The process is easy enough, and I’d be more than willing to post up a step by step guide for you guys if you want one

So To Jailbreak or Not To Jailbreak? Research and if you will use enough apps that aren’t available with a non Jailbroken iPhone, go for it 🙂