Directed By: Jim Sheridan
Starring: Tobey McGuire, Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal

What It’s All About:
Sam (McGuire) and Tommy (Gyllenhaal) are brothers. Sam is a marine on his fourth tour in the Middle East and Tommy has just gotten out of jail. Sam is believed to be killed in action when his helicopter goes down, and the movie tells the story of Tommy growing as a man, becoming responsible and helping his brother’s family function. Sam is actually alive, and once he returns home, the psychological trauma takes his toll and himself, his family, and his brother.

The Verdict:
Brothers is a harsh and realistic look at the effects of war not only on the soldiers, but the families who are left behind. McGuire puts in a stunning performance that will hopefully lift him out of his Spiderman fame and realise he is a shining force when placed in a dramatic setting. Natalie Portman is stunning as the widow struggling with the loss of her husband. Beneath all this sadness there is deep understanding of the human condition, and Sheridan isn’t afraid to show that every family has it’s own issues. A great film, great cast, and a wonderful yet sad story to be told.