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Criterion Games have truly gone above and beyond to support and evolve the Burnout Paradise universe. We’ve seen bug fixes and tweaks, right up to game changing elements such as Day/Night cycles and of course, the introduction of Motorbikes to the speed frenzied streets of Paradise City.

With the introduction of Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box for PS3, Xbox360 and PC we see the next change in the Burnout franchise, Party Mode. The Ultimate Box includes not only the previous free DLC on the disc, but also includes the Party Pack DLC. For those of you who already own the game, Criterion are asking a mere 800MS Points/$14.95 respectively. Is it worth the price of admission?

What the Party Pack brings to Burnout is a fun filled, pass the controller type scenario for up to 8 of your buddies to face off in a number of challenges. These vary from events such as longest time into oncoming traffic, the fastest time through a checkpoint race, or even as simple as landing a barrel roll. Throw in some great music, a bunch of mates and even some drinks and you are set for a night of furious competition, many laughs and a dangerous amount of sledging.

The presentation of the Party Mode is slick, and offers a real friendly, pick up and play feel that won’t scare the non-gamers off. Using the PSEye or the Xbox Vision you can take snapshots of each player which will display in the corner as they race off to complete the objective.

The only criticism I have with the Party Pack is the challenges run out to easy. With a party of 8 and a full length game of 8 challenges you will find yourself repeating the same conditions and areas over and over again. Sure it’s still fun, but would have liked to see some more variation in there.

So is the Party Pack DLC worth the coin? If you have some mates who come round and don’t cringe at the idea of playing some games and having a few drinks or just relaxing (depending on your age) then it will find a spot on the shelf right in between Rock Band and Singstar. It offers a great experience that can be enjoyed by everyone! If you mainly rock it solo, then you aren’t going to gain a lot from having the party pack



This week I got my hands on a copy of the newest title in the Burnout franchise, Burnout Paradise for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. Built from the ground up, not only is this one of the best looking games I’ve seen in the driving genre, but it is certainly one of the most enjoyable

You are given free roam in a huge city that features a large range of driving conditions, hundreds of hidden areas, jumps, ramps, carparks and so much more, but we’ll discuss that in a minute.

So basically you come into Paradise City with nothing but a wrecked stunt car, a learner permit and your away. The city features a number of stations with drive throughs, those being repair shops that fix up your car’s damage, gas stations which fill your boost bar to maximum, and if you are feeling like a change of colour there is also paintshops scattered all across the city. These do come in handy when entering events, and can often be the upper hand needed to beat your opponents

There are a number of events throughout the game, going from Races which have you racing from one point to another main point on the map (there are six in total, and all races will end at one of these), but it’s up to you to find the quickest way to your destination from the starting line. This leaves it open to find alleyways to shave off precious seconds ot beat your opponents. Other race modes include Marked Man which is the same principal except your opponents are trying to take you down, if you survive to the destination you win, and Stunt Run which involves reaching a target score before the time limit runs out by stringing together combos of stunts. Road Rage involves meeting a certain takedown quota before the time limit runs out.

Entering an event is easy! Pull up to a set of traffic lights and above the mini-map the event will come up letting you know what type of event it is, and just hold accelerator and brake to start the event. Each win adds to your licence and you slowly move up the ranks.

As you move along the game, certain cars will start cruising the street, and if you take them down while roaming freely around Paradise City, it will be added to the junkyard for you to repair and drive at your leasure.

While the game modes are often very similar, the game vary rarely gets boring. I often found myself just cruising the streets checking out the city, which has a lot to discover and see. There are 400 Smashes to complete, which are indicated by yellow gates that often lead to shortcuts, a bunch of Burnout billboards to break, and 50 Super Jumps to find and land

The graphics are fantastic, and paired with a silky smooth 60fps framerate and the best crash phsyics I have ever seen, this game is extremely easy on the eyes, not to mention a killer soundtrack and fantastic sound effects, this game is a visual and aural delight

But online is where the game truly shines. With a quick press to the right of the D-Pad and you have entered the Easy Drive menu, which lets you send invites to your online friends to join your city, or enter a ranked or unranked Freeburn session. Once you enter a freeburn session you are all of a sudden cruising around the city with your friends (or enemies) and can complete challenges together, enter stunt competitions and so forth. Every so often someone will start up a race and you have an option to jump in on the action. Choose you car and it takes you to the starting grid where the game camera focuses on key players in the race with vital information, like Hellerphant has 57 rivals online, Wtenosdy has 427 wins and this is Budsy’s first game. It’s fun little facts like this that shows which opponents to stay away from and which to try and take down for the thrill. It’s the simplicity, and ease of use that makes Burnout Paradise stand out as an online gamers title of choice

But while I have been singing the praises of Burnout Paradise, I did encounter some issues on the PS3 version, that are not apparent in the 360 version of this beast. First of all I found that sometimes the car will seem to sink into the road in single player, but the majority of my issues came from online play. More often then not traffic will dissappear before my eyes as I am driving along and then reappear at a point that it’s too late to do anything about it and I’ve wrecked my ride. I did not encounter this on the 360 version, and at first I thought it could have been due to lag, but after further testing I realised that it wasn’t my internet connection. Also at times the position I held in the race would not update until I had lost the race which was quite annoying and once again I did not encounter this on the Xbox version.

All in all Burnout Paradise is plain fun, great looking, addictive and one of the best driving, and online games I have played in a while