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Nathan Drake Back Again

Although expected, it was never certain that a sequel would follow the successful Playstation 3 game “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” until this morning when Naughty Dog president Christophe Balestra announced that work has already begun on the follow up title

With the next Naughty Dog release anticipated to be the next in the Jak and Daxter series, I think fans of the Uncharted series will be waiting at least until 2009 for the release

I will keep you posted as more news becomes avail

Nathan Drake rivals Indy


Want to know what Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is like? Imagine a game of Tomb Raider mixed with the Gunplay from Gears of War, with the movie and comedy stylings of an Indiana Jones movie and you pretty much have it in a nutshell. Yet while this game can be compared to all of these things, it still manages to create a world of it’s own that is a cut above the rest, and one of the most memorable games I’ve played this year

Nathan Drake, an explorer who is a decendant of the famous Sir Francis Drake is set out to find a treasure after finding a clue in the coffin of his acestor. With the help of his long time friend Sully and the host of a reality TV Show Elena, the player is thrust into a world of exploration, dramatic gunplay with pirates and a rich storyline that keeps you coming back for more.

The graphics are stunning, and in times will have you sitting there in awe, especially while scaling a clifface over a waterfall, noticing that your shirt is actually wet when you get out. Dynamic shadows really bring the jungle to life as sunlight filters through the trees effortlessly, creating a realistic jungle setting that rivals Crysis. My only criticism is that the enemies could have been a little more detailed.

The audio is fantastic, from the musical score to the explosion of that grenade that was thrown at you to the voice acting, it really does a great job in dragging the player into the world. This is seriously some of the best voice acting I’ve seen in a long time, although it just goes along with some of the most interesting characters this year. Nathan Drake seriously does remind me of Indiana Jones a lot, but put them together and there are several differences. Elena plays a pivitol role in the story, and creates a little more than just “Let’s find the treasure and kill pirates” which I think keeps the game from getting stale

Weapons are good and spread out at a good pace as is the awesomely cool Jetski levels that are always lots of fun. Gameplay is easy to get a hold of, and within no time you will find yourself jumping from cliff to cliff and shooting bad guys as you run through the 20 + chapters of the game.

For those who love unlocking achievements there are plenty of reasons to replay the game (even if the story doesn’t bring you back for a second time round) with treasures to find, and gunplay achievements to be completed.

All in all, Uncharted is easily one of, if not THE, best game out on PS3 right now. It appeals to pretty much every market of gameplay, with fantastic characters, good controls and a decent story, what isn’t there to love


Games Up For Review

Just thought I’d drop this post in here so you know what you can expect to see here on the Blog this week as quite a number of big titles have dropped into my hands for testing and reviews My first game up for review this week is the highly controversial Manhunt 2 from the guys and gals over at Rockstar. After months of waiting after this game had been banned pretty much everywhere, I finally got my hands on the new and censored version of the title. Is the violence justified, or were Rockstar just trying to cause trouble, check back here to find out in the next day or soAfter that I’m taking to the sky with the sixth installment in the Ace Combat series on the Xbox 360. I’ve always been a fan of the series, even though I do usually lean towards a more simulated flight game, it’s amazing graphics is always what got me hooked.On the PS3 we are taking a look at Naughty Dog’s impressive title Uncharted: Drakes Fortune which is one of my favourite PS3 titles to date, with great characters and even better visualsFinally I’m going to end the week with the newest addition to World War II sims with Medal of Honor Heroes II on Wii. New controls make up for the pitiful attempt they did with vanguard, not to mention an extremely impressive 32 player online option, which goes to show that the Wii’s online capabilities are up there with the best of them Yes ladies and gents, this week is a big week for reviews, I’ll keep them coming as the week goes on