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Directed By: Pierre Morel
Starring: John Travolta, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Melissa Mars

What It’s All About:
James Reece is an aspiring CIA agent working as the personal aide to the U.S Ambassador in France. While his initial involvement with the CIA had left more to be desired, he is soon assigned to a case with a new partner, Special Agent Charlie Wax (Travolta). Wax is balls to the wall, trigger happy, wisecracking loose cannon who’s been sent to Paris to investigate a drug ring. Together they take on a terrorist sect and learn that no one can be trusted.

The Final Verdict:
Action packed, balls to the wall and genuinely funny, From Paris With Love achieves something that cinema has been missing for a few years now, creates a strong action movie that is just fun to watch. The story does become a little disjointed along the way, but overall viewers need to take this movie for what it is, a fun action packed movie. Travolta dominates the screen and proves that he still has what it takes.


Run Tony Run!


Run Tony Run! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, now the fun loving criminal has been extradited from his safe haven in Greece, his lawyers are claiming that he cannot get a fair trial in Australia due to comments made by Victoria’s former premier at the time, Steve Bracks…

Lawyer Mirko Bagaric says Mokbel’s chance of a fair trial has been severely diminished, not just because of the amount of media coverage but because of the source of the prejudicial material.

“When Tony was actually firstly apprehended, the then premier Steve Bracks come out and said that Victorians should be happy about that because underworld crime has now been solved in Victoria,” he said.



Murder…..Drug Trafficing………..I seriously doubt that Steve Bracks comments have anything to do with a fair trial, but his lawyer may be onto something here, and there is a chance that Mokbel could have his trial in his homeland of Lebanon

Once again we are reminded of just how trustworthy, reliable and morally just our officers in the Victorian Police Force are with this great piece of news…

A 33 year old Victorian Senior Constable from Melbourne’s Eas has been arrested after a six month investigation by the the Police Ethical Standards Department. 

The officer is facing 4 counts of rape (with 3 women), 11 drug offences, attempting to pervert the course of justice, two counts of misconduct and just as the cherry on top, two counts of offering bribes. Police allege that the drugs in question involved ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines

Well done officer, still would have liked to have seen a few counts of Grand Theft Auto and maybe Manslaughter in there