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Binge Drinkers Unite?

What are your thoughts on the Rudd Governments rediculous tax hike on “alcopops” and now the claim that if you drink more than 4 middies of beer or two glasses of wine you are binge drinking?

I’m interested in both legal age and all you kids who like a drink on the weekend (I’m not agreeing that you should be drinking below the age of 18 lets just make that clear)

First of all my thoughts….

The Rudd Crusade are trying to tackle the problem of street violence which they believe is largely caused by teenage binge drinking. How do they think they will stop this issue? By introducing a 70% tax hike on all alcopops. For starters WHAT THE HELL IS AN ALCOPOP? I’ve never once heard someone refer to a Jim Beam or a Bundy as an ALCOPOP. So now instead of paying a sweet price of $16 for a six pack of Bundy I find myself paying $22, and a slab of Jack Daniels is now $105! I am a hard working, responsible adult who enjoys a drink on the weekends, only a six pack or so, and now because parents can’t control their teens I am suffering for them. THIS IS TOTAL FUCKING BUFFALO DIARRHEA ASS MUNCHING OUT MY DICK BULLSHIT!

This sudden large increase in price is having people go out and buy straight alcohol instead. Cheaper alternative, but this has a negative impact. Why you may ask? Well for us over the legal age each can or bottle of PREMIX (I refuse to call them alcopops) drink has a standard drink rating so you can monitor how much you have had, so you can know if you are safe to drive and drink responsibly etc. This is a standard and is easy to monitor and control. Well now I refuse to pay rediculous prices for my booze I find myself mixing my own drinks, which is NOT controlled. I have no real way of monitoring how much alcohol I have in my drink as someone else may mix a drink for me a little stronger than I would myself, or maybe my second drink had less coke in it than my first etc…

So now instead of having a controlled substance, teenagers are mixing their own straight drinks and end up even worse off! Smart move Ruddster!

So if teens are the problem, upping the price on alcopops must be the solution. NO! How about tougher liquor laws, obviously they aren’t tough enough if teens are constantly binge drinking. Upping the price stops nothing, it just makes consumers who are responsible and of legal age outraged!

Parents are the problem. Control your children. If your kid is having a party don’t let them have booze. It is your responsibility to look after your own kids, not us tax payers paying for it in the long run.

Now the Rudd Crusade comes out saying 2 glasses of wine or 4 middies constitutes as binge drinking…..REDICULOUS! This is all to support their plans to now up the price on beer and wines too. I know many people who go out for dinner, drink a bottle or two of wine and are perfectly responsible, I wouldn’t call that binge drinking.

Personally I think it’s a fucking joke, and just another example of Rudd’s lack of understanding of our country, and another prime example that he should not be leading the country….



Should We Say Sorry?


Should this man say sorry? This is a debate that is waging right now, and quite frankly I quickly jumped on the NO bandwagon even before the question was asked.

For those of you who don’t know what the so called “Stolen Generation” is, let me fill you in. During the years of 1869 and 1969 the Governement after acts under Parliament, removed children of aboriginal decent from their parents and put into oprphaniges and internment camps. To what extent this happened is a large debate in Australia quite often.

Well now Mr Rudd is the king dick of the country, he has now announced that he will be offering a formal apology from his government, who might I remind readers represent each and every Australian citizen.

Some people will say I’m racist, and some people will say I’m ignorant, but I one hundred percent, without a doubt in my mind, believe that he should not say sorry.

I don’t care about it, it happened long before I was born, and it was finishing when my parents were a lot younger than I am, so they don’t really care. They had nothing to do with it, neither did I so there is no way in hell I will apologise. It would be like Hitler’s grandson saying “So err sorry about killing all those Jews” and expecting the Jewish people to forgive his Grandfather

The Government tried to do the right thing, and save a lot of children from abuse, and I think that while they may have gone about it the wrong way, and a lot of children were taken for the wrong reasons, it’s time for us all to move on.

 And uttering the word “Sorry” isn’t going to fix anything, instead they will just expect something more like some compensation of some kind.

So while Mr. Rudd believes this will win him some brownie points, I’m quite sure it’s going to make him lose a lot of fans

Kevin’s Backyard


In his first meeting with a world leader as Prime Minister, Mr Rudd held talks with his New Zealand counterpart Helen Clark on his back porch yesterday morning

He only had a cuppa with some scones for his first meeting? Hell I expected more from you Kevin! Why not invite all the world leaders around for a good old fashioned BBQ with free Piss in the backyard? I’m sure you’d make more friends that way

Education Revolution….?



This is the new face of Australian Parliament, and after a landslide victory in the election, Kevin Rudd has made a lot of promises to the voters, and to the Australian public. Do these promises actually have substance, or is it just typical hollow policies to win votes?

First on the agenda is this famous EDUCATION REVOLUTION, putting a laptop on the desk of every child in their last three years of schooling, creating a digital classroom. I’m sorry Mr Rudd, are you under the impression that a laptop is suddenly going to make every student study so much harder? In fact it creates a multitude of issues, students playing games and surfing the web instead of doing work. Not to mention that some of these children will just put the laptop up on Ebay and get themselves a nice paycheck out of it. This is not a revolution, this is a total waste of money! This won’t make schooling any better, it will just create more problems than it is really worth

Perhaps Kevin has realised that his Members of Parliament need some extra schooling, hence all these homework assginments he has been passing out over the last few days. Every member is going to visit a homeless shelter in their area and report back with supply and demands, and a number of people that are turned away each night. While it may give people a warm and fuzzy feeling that perhaps this PM cares, is anything really going to come of it other than good PR? Talks of building 600 houses for the homeless have been mentioned, so are we going to cram a couple of thousand people into each house? For those of you out there trying to do the math, yes that’s less than 100 houses per state, not to mention that I bet only the major cities will recieve them, leaving the rural homeless to continue without benefit, but whatever makes you sleep at night Mr Rudd

Ratifying Kyoto is also on the agenda, Rudd making the bold statement that he will slash Carbon Emissions 60% by the year 2050…. What radical action is he going to take to make this actually happen? How is he going to change our lifestyle to cut down on our emissions by such a huge number? Not to mention by the time we apparently reach this target he will be over 90 years old

Thanks Rudd, I’m looking forward to people  realising that you can’t deliver on what you promised us..