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There has been a lot of talk about Google all across the internet since their conference this week. The internet giant unleashed details on their long awaited GoogleTV project, and proved that they are finally a serious competitor to the iPhone with the details of Android 2.2 – codename: Froyo. What exactly can you expect from the new update?

The Home Screen

There has been a slight update to the home screen that surely does come in handy and will have you wondering how you lived without it in the past. There are dedicated Phone, Application Launcher and Browser shortcuts on the Home Screen which are easy to access across all five home screen panels. Aside from this we are offered a new Home Screen Tips Widget which will show users how to configure their home screens with shortcuts and widgets. Aside from these two features you won’t notice much of a difference, but having that browser shortcut on all of your home screens does come in handy.

Microsoft Exchange Support

For those of you using your Android device in a Microsoft work environment, Exchange support has been giving a substantial upgrade to make your life easier. Some of the features included in 2.2 are.

Remote Wipe: Exchange administrators can reset to factory defaults to secure your data if you lose your phone or it is stolen, all from the comfort of an office chair.
Exchange Calendars: Now supported in the native Calendar application.
Auto-discovery: No need to memorize all those pesky server addresses or port settings, for those using Exchange 2007 or higher all you need is your user-name and password to setup your Exchange account.
Global Address Lists: Directly from the Email application you can perform name lookups from your Exchange Global Address Lists, pretty handy for users on the move.

Portable Hotspot

Rumors had been floating around that some form of mobile tethering system would be implemented in the next Android Update and I am glad to report that 2.2 delivers. Devices such as the Nexus One can be turned into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that can be shared between 8 devices. Or if you prefer you can plug your phone in via USB to a laptop and share the 3G connection for internet access. In other words no need to pay the extra cash for the 3G iPad, just get the Wi-Fi version and connect it to your Nexus One while you are on the go!

Speed Demon

Early reports stated that Froyo was going to be a speed demon when compared to 2.1 and I’m happy to say Google have delivered on this promise. A new engine called the V8 makes loading Java-Script a breeze, with Google now holding the title of the fastest phone browsing experience in the world. Let’s not forget that 2.2 allows support for Adobe Flash 10.1! Sorry iPhone/iPad users, Apple kinda let you down in that department. It still remains to be seen if Flash on a phone is a good idea, but at least 2.2 allows you to make that decision.

Along with the vast browser improvements the implementation of JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler you can expect a 2x-5x speed performance boost across the board of your applications! This also allows for smoother transitions and faster application switching.

Over The Air Updates

Soon the Android Marketplace will be accessible from your PC where you can download applications to your computer. Utilizing Over The Air updates, the application will then be automatically installed to your android device. Same goes with the music you buy from the Amazon store, no need to sync your device with your PC!

Another great feature utilizing OTA updates is direct streaming your iTunes Library wirelessly to your Froyo enabled device. Note this will only work on non-DRM content.


Along with these key points you will notice refined pinch to zoom controls for browsing and other applications, hardware compass access to the browser that is handy for real time map reading, accessing camera form the browser, voice support for Google Translate, installation of applications and running them from the SD card and many more.

So When Can You Expect It?

2.2 is being rolled out across Nexus One users right now. For those of you using any Android devices from 2010 or perhaps the very end of 2009 the update will be coming in the next few weeks. For those on older devices I’m sorry to report that you are shit out of luck. Don’t worry though, the very talented and active mod community will have something running for your device shortly no doubt! 🙂



For those who are new to the world of Mac, or even those who just can’t get enough of indie software that just works, you should be getting excited about the MacHeist nanoBundle 2 that is currently floating around on the web. MacHeist have put together some of the best indie software, dramatically slashed the price, and proceeds go to a number of good charities. So why not treat yourself to some new software, and help those in need while you are at it?

For the smooth price of $19.95USD you get yourself a copy of the following

  • MacJournal ($40) – The premiere blogging and journal keeping software. I’m posting from it right now 🙂
  • RipIt ($20) – Easy to use import software for your DVDs. Convert to play on your Apple TV, iPod or PC
  • Clips ($27) – A great clipboard program which keeps everything collected as you move throughout your day
  • Coverscout ($39.95) – It will find all those CD Covers that iTunes can’t
  • Flow ($25) – The best FTP Client out there for mac
  • Tales of Monkey Island ($35) – The whole first season of the great new game from Telltale Games
  • Rapid Weaver ($79) – A powerful and useable website builder for OSX

If you would find any of these tools useful I’d suggest getting online and buying this bundle as it is only available for 7 days!

Leopard 10.5.2


The latest update for Apple’s newest Operating System Leopard has hit the web today, upgrading it to 10.5.2

A combo update that includes some security patches is 343MBs and can be downloaded immediately. The first update to Leopard, version 10.5.1, was released in November 2007

Apple has fixed some issues with Time Machine, a handy backup tool that is available in the new OS, and apparently has increased stabillity in Finder. Time Machine now supports a much broader spectrum of external hard drives, although still is not available to backup over the network UNLESS you are using an Apple Time Capsual. 

Keyboard of the Future


Once again Apple, those guys who brought us the Mouse are bringing in a Keyboard that is hoping to change the way we see keyboards forever!

A patent application filed on March 13, 2007 shows that Apple have been researching a dynamically changing keyboard using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) on each key face. Some will say this is not revolutionary as they have seen the widely advertised Optimus Keyboard. But this begs the question, which one will ship first?

By modifying the key faces, keys could reflect the current functionality, rather than relying on memorizing shortcuts. When introducing the iPhone, Apple boasted that the lack of physical keys meant that the user interface was entirely flexible. OLED-lit keys would provide similar flexibility.

Imagine using photoshop and having all your Cut, Copy Paste and most used features in Picture Format on your keyboard rather then remembering all those Apple + Z or Shift + L shortcuts. This could be very very cool!