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MMGN.COM takes a look at the Wii 2 from Nintendo which has been given the codename Project Cafe, and also the PSN outage that is plaguing gamers worldwide.


Once again I am shown why life in the IT world is always so much fun! Dealing with the typical day of answering the calls, surfing the web and eating a fresh salad, around about 12:30 the network just dies in the ass

No phones (all VoIP) no internet, no nothing. All the phones were down at our site, so on to the mobile we jump and guess what, it’s down organisational wide

We are provided our Internet and VoIP access by another organisation, who also could not be contacted due to their systems also being down

15 minutes later we finally get our network back, and get in contact with the provider. It was scheduled maintenance and everyone statewide on their network lost connection….

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE? Why weren’t we informed. I mean 15 minutes is a long time without any phones, and definately slows down business a lot, but not that they would care because they don’t have to deal with 300 + irate workers jumping down my throat asking “Why is there no internet or phones?” to my reply “I’m thinking the same thing”

Once again I am proved that there are a whole bunch of idiots in this organisation, well from where I hail from anyways