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GTA IV Review

Every man and his dog has either reviewed or played this so I decided to go shot and effective

hype² Definition hype (hīp)


deception or fraud
extravagant or excessive promotion

to deceive or con
to promote in a sensational way

Converse of object

believe: You can believe the hype: GTA IV is a great game.
justify: Driving through the streets of a living, breathing Liberty City is great – but was all the hype justified? forget: Forget the hype – GTA IV still would have stood on it’s own two feet without it
ignore: Ignoring the obvious hype, GTA IV is quite seriously one of the greatest games ever made
generate: Misinformation has generated much hype in the media about the censorship of GTA IV in Australia
associate: Despite the hype associated with GTA IV it was found that dispite it’s flaws, it’s a game that can be enjoyed for many hours, is robust and just about caters for everyone




When the first Manhunt was released in 2003 it was received well by the critics, yet the media had a field day with the main focus of the game being murder in the most brutal way possible. Four years later the sequel almost never saw the light of day due to the extreme adult content, and while Rockstar fought for an Adults Only rating, they didn’t get it. So after a few months of censoring the game, finally I’ve gotten my hands on a copy for the Nintendo Wii. So let’s see if this is more than just a gore fest, and if there is any substance to the violence


Meet Daniel Lamb, the main character you will be playing as in Manhunt 2. The game starts off with a riot at a Mental Institution and you are escaping with a fellow inmate, while slowly uncovering the reason that you were in the institue and everything that has happened in the past. Ultimately the story is quite an interesting one, and definately has some twists and turns along the way, but unfortunately for Manhunt 2 it’s just not good enough. The characters aren’t believable, and I feel after playing this game through  many players will be saying “Daniel who?”

The graphics are average to say the least. I wasn’t expecting something amazing being on the Wii, but I certainly did expect more. The graphics engine doesn’t look too much better than the first Manhunt. Environments, while fitting to the setting of the game, could have been a bit more varied and detailed.

The gameplay is largely the same the as the first game, although there are some new features that are a welcome addition, one being execution moves being able to be completed with firearms. The Wii controls are quite decent, although I found it didn’t always register my swinging motions and that often ended up with me being dead on the ground. AI is questionable a lot of the time, and is nothing short of below average, in face I’d almost say that the first game had better AI than this game. Also after the first few levels you will find yourself just running the mill and it really lacks any real excitement. The executions are also censored, which is quite annoying as the screen goes red and blurred and you really can’t see the damange that you’ve inflicted.

The one thing that does stand out with Manhunt 2 is the sound. It sounds brutal, and is almost good enough to make you feel sick. Hearing the pound of a sledgehammer against someones face is still making my stomach turn.

I’m sorry this review isn’t longer, but I stand by that Manhunt 2 has been overshadowed by the controversy. The story is something less than memorable, characters a lame as are the environments. Add this to an average control scheme and outdated graphics, and Manhunt 2 is potential missed to be the first real serious game on the Nintendo Wii



Games Up For Review

Just thought I’d drop this post in here so you know what you can expect to see here on the Blog this week as quite a number of big titles have dropped into my hands for testing and reviews My first game up for review this week is the highly controversial Manhunt 2 from the guys and gals over at Rockstar. After months of waiting after this game had been banned pretty much everywhere, I finally got my hands on the new and censored version of the title. Is the violence justified, or were Rockstar just trying to cause trouble, check back here to find out in the next day or soAfter that I’m taking to the sky with the sixth installment in the Ace Combat series on the Xbox 360. I’ve always been a fan of the series, even though I do usually lean towards a more simulated flight game, it’s amazing graphics is always what got me hooked.On the PS3 we are taking a look at Naughty Dog’s impressive title Uncharted: Drakes Fortune which is one of my favourite PS3 titles to date, with great characters and even better visualsFinally I’m going to end the week with the newest addition to World War II sims with Medal of Honor Heroes II on Wii. New controls make up for the pitiful attempt they did with vanguard, not to mention an extremely impressive 32 player online option, which goes to show that the Wii’s online capabilities are up there with the best of them Yes ladies and gents, this week is a big week for reviews, I’ll keep them coming as the week goes on