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google-nexus-one-android-mobile-smartphone-g9flenajdgal.jpgSo you have been eyeing off one of these glorious Nexus One’s for a while now but still unsure if you want to go through all the trouble of importing one? I was just like you a few months ago, but my recent trip to the USA soon made owning one of these bad boys an easier task to handle. Before making the crucial decision I really wanted to know one simple thing: How does the Nexus One handle the Australian Telecommunication Climate. The answer to this question seemed too hard to find, so I hope this blog post will make it easier for you to make an informed decision.

Purchasing A Nexus One: Price and Delivery

Currently the Nexus One is not available in Australia for purchase and Google won’t ship one out to you. Here you have a few options. If you are like me you can just order one while you are on holiday in the states and get it delivered to your location overnight. Unfortunately I doubt many of you will be heading to the USA anytime soon and you want this phone now right? If you have friends you can simply get it delivered to them, and they can ship it across to you. There are also a number of mail forwarding companies that will accept the shipment, and then pass it on to you for a fee. Your only other options are Ebay or a select number of stores in Sydney who are importing these phones and selling them for a large profit.

Buying the phone direct from Google will sting you $520 USD which equates to roughly $560 AUD.

Network Profiles: Will It Work On Australian Networks?

Just recently AT&T released their version of the Nexus One, and I am happy to say the AT&T version is 100% compatible with the Telstra Next G Network. If you purchase the AT&T version it will work fine with Telstra and every other carrier within Australia. If you purchased the T-Mobile version then you will get 3G speeds in Metro Areas on Telstra, but when in the country you will only be connecting to the EDGE network. T-Mobile version will work fine on the Optus or Vodafone networks with 3G speeds. If you want to be sure, I’d say get the AT&T version if possible.

How Is The Nexus One?

I’ve been using the Nexus One in a country area for two weeks now and have had no issues with network performance what-so-ever. It runs like a dream and has superior speed and call quality to my iPhone 3G. While it won’t take over the iPhone market, the Nexus One is the first true Google Phone that pulls no punches in being a worthy alternative to the ever popular Apple device. Well worth the money in my opinion.


Sydney F.C Beat L.A Galaxy


Last night was a big moment for Australian Football with the exhibition match between Sydney F.C and L.A Galaxy. Sydney F.C played infront of their largest crowd at just over 80,000 punters, but there was only one man in their minds and that is the great David Beckham.


While the L.A Galaxy did play well, it seemed that the media seemed to turn them into a one man team but the match said it all. Beckham is a true player and didn’t dominate possession of the ball, but when he did have possession he was leathal. Despite a few scruffs, most notibly the continual angst displayed by Hermes, the game went off in a way that made me feel content that this could perhaps become and annual matchup.


Sydney got the first two goal of the match, and held their lead with a score of 5 – 3 to win at the end of the 90 minutes. While displaying the A League’s talent last night, one would surely hope this will be the boost the league needs to pick itself up in it’s early stages and become a more widely supported sport.


I personally think the A League is making strides this year, not only with last nights match, but being feature in the FIFA 2008 games it’s becoming more prodominant that it is a real league, that has substance and a pool of incredible talent.


What are your thoughts? Should Sydney F.C vs L.A Galaxy become a traditional match once a year?