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Some of you out there are using Windows Vista, and even after turning off User Access Control (UAC) you still get the occasional annoying messages from this super secure Windows Platform (even though it’s not that secure lol).

Well Windows Vista has a super secret Admin account that bypasses UAC and gives total control over your operating system. IF you are going to enable this, PLEASE make sure you have a strong password and a firewall turned on. Cheers to Hazy Morning for the guide.

First, open your control panel. Inside your control panel, click on System and Maintenance. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Administrative Tools.

Next, the Administrator Tools window will open up. From there, click on Computer Management. Then the Computer Management Window will open.

On the right-hand side panel, you should see Local Users and Groups, double click on it. Now in the middle panel, double click on Users. You should see the Administrator icon at the top, in the middle panel. Right click on the Administrator icon and then click Properties.

In the Properties box, uncheck the ‘Account is Disabled’ box.
Once that is done, you should be able to restart. Once restarted, you should see the Administrator Account on the Welcome Screen.

Now you have a choice of using that account and deleting your User Account or you can keep your User Account and just use the Administrator Account when you need it. However, the Administrator Account is going to be “like new”. You will have to personalize it if you decide to use it as your main account. Also, in my opinion, if you are not going to use it often then I would disable it again.


The controversial “kill switch” function of Windows Vista will be disabled by Microsoft after customer complaints that legitimate copies of the OS were recognised as pirate copies….

Hackers 1 Microsoft 0

Working on a lonely Help Desk in a large organisation teaches you a lot, not necessarily things you actually need, or want to know, but teaches you none the less. Much in the way that a bartender is a confidant to the punters of the local pub, the Help Desk Monkey is the guy to blame for all of you life’s issues 
“It’s your fault that I pressed the close button without saving, it’s your fault that I didn’t save a backup on my USB Flash Drive, and it’s your fault that Interest Rates keep rising and my wife is having an affair with my brother John”
Yep, all in a days work for the unsuspecting Help Desk Monkey, trying to make his way into the ever growing IT Industry. Let’s be honest, being a Help Desk Monkey isn’t the most attractive job in the world, the pay is average, the work is boring and you get abused all day for things that are out of your control, but as the saying goes “Everyone starts somewhere”
Another thing you quickly learn is that many service providers and manufacturers don’t actually care if their products aren’t meeting your needs, or anyone else’s for that matter. I remember when the latest Windows OS “Vista” was released and I was tasked with completing research on if our current programs would be compatibkle. One company simply replied
Dear Hellerphant
We have done no testing on our product with Vista, nor do we plan to anytime in the near future
Wow, thanks guys, real help there. But I must say who can blame them, Vista is pretty much a horrible joke that just never ends. Microsoft really pulled through with that release, not only was it late, but it’s not even worth upgrading. Hell I was luck that work purchased me a copy of Ultimate, $752! You can build yourself an AMD 6000+ with 2gb of RAM and still have change for that price! Not to mention the awesome perfomance it offers, wow thanks for locking absoloutely EVERYTHING I would want access to. 
Recent news has shed light that XP Service Pack 3 blows Vista SP 1 performance enhaneces out of the water, so that’s another hit for Vista. Right now I can’t see any reason a user should use it….except for Gaming.
That’s right Gamers everywhere are groaning at the thought that they will need to install Microsoft’s latest demon spawn to run their new games like Crysis at full potential utilising the newly released Direct X 10. Only god can hope that somehow someone out there can make it work with XP so we don’t have to take the pain anymore.
Oh but, Vista is good….. I swear.