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For those of you out there who spent their time downloading the highly anticipated iOS 4 yesterday, only to find no wallpaper or multi-tasking support for your 3G device fear not! Below is an easy solution to enable all the features of the new OS on your aging device. Please note: This solution will jailbreak your device, I take no responsibility if you you brick your device, so please complete with caution.

Step 1) Download the iOS 4 update from iTunes and install it to your iPhone 3G/iPod Touch device.

Step 2) Copy the IPSW file to your desktop. This file will be located in username\library\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates (For Example: Hellerphant\library\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates\iPhone1,2_4.0.IPSW)

Step 3) Download redsn0w jailbreak app here.

Step 4) Follow the instructions, tick “enable multi-tasking” and “enable wallpapers” and you are set once the app does it’s thing.

This is a solution for mac users, sorry those of you on Windows machines, you’ll have to find your own way.

So you got a shiny new Ipod Touch for Christmas, and heard that you can get the Iphone apps on it but not sure where to begin? Well my friends, it’s called Jailbreaking your Ipod, and with a little help from friends Google and Youtube you will soon find yourself with an even better product than you even thought!

The basic going on is this. New Ipod Touch’s come with Firmware 1.1.2 so in order to complete the Jailbreak you will need to DOWNGRADE the firmaware back to 1.1.1 which can be downloaded from sources (use Google, and there are a number of Youtube guides that will run you through the process and give you links). Once this has been completed you will also need to run the Jailbreak app on your PC or Mac (I used a Mac to complete my Jailbreak) and a good 15 minutes and 3 or 4 restarts later you will be able to get your Ipod to update back to Firmware 1.1.2

So now you will be taken back to your springboard and should notice two new apps, OpenSSH and Installer. Click on installer and using your WiFi it will open up a program that has pretty much EVERY app you will ever need. Here you can install all the beloved Iphone apps including Google Maps, weather, stocks, Mail and all that which work as intended, I especially love the mail app 🙂

 BUT then there are another group of cool apps such as Ebooks, Sketch, Apollo (fills in all you IM needs with MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ) and my two favourite apps Summerboard and MobileScrobbler

Summerboard changes the springboard from the plain back background to anything you want in the way of sexy looking themes!

 Mobile Scrobbler is a program for LastFM users. Insert your information and it will scrobble your plays directly to your site. If you are in a non WiFi area it’s ok, MobileScrobbler will just queue your songs and when you connect to your WiFi will update you page for you!

All in all, Jailbreaking your Ipod opens up a world of possibilities that make it an even better device!

Ipod Touch

touch-ipod.jpg Ahhh Christmas, the time for family, the time to celebrate the birth of little baby Jesus, and more importantly the chance to get some cool gadgets as presents to review. Welcome the new Ipod Touch

I was skeptical of this device right from the get-go. Let’s be honest, touch screen devices are rarely decent let alone as brilliant at Apple are making this toy out to be. Reviews tended to slam the device,  which after using the device for a good 4 weeks now (had it just before Christmas as an early present) I’d say it’s a little unfair as all of them seem to compare it directly to the iPhone, and this clearly is a media device, not a phone

So basically it’s a touch screen, widescreen video playing, internet surfing, organising, music blasting machine that is a true delight to use.

Let’s start with the basics, Music. Same as the other ipods, you can go through your music by viewing playlists, songs, albums or artists, and while playing the song, the album art will be displayed fullscreen on the ipod, with your normal play buttons and volume. In the top right corner you will find a track listing button, which will flip the album over and you can rate your song, and choose another song off the album. Place the ipod sideways, it opens up coverflow, which allows you to look at your library. Double tap the album of your choice and you will be presented with the tracklisting and off you go. This works extremely well, and seems to create a good experience for the listener, with easy access to rating their favourite songs.

Video play is gorgeous, and with a screen that is wide enough to actually make out people faces, and is a true delight to watch. The colours on the ipod touch screen are amazing!

Contacts and Calendars can all be synced with the software of your choice on your computer (Address Book and Ical for me) and keeping organised has never been so easy!

The real shock was the functionality of the Safari Web Browser! Just hook up to a WiFi network and you are surfing the web. Double tap the screen to zoom in or use one of the simple gestures to resize the picture to your liking. Much like music, put the ipod on it’s side to change the viewing perspective. I’ve gotten so used to this browser I’ve even done my online banking on it a few times

Yes it has no google maps, and no it doesn’t have ALL the features that the Iphone does, but it shouldn’t! It is an Ipod not an Iphone, and as an Ipod it is certainly better than previous versions. Once the size increases (currently only 8 or 16gb) the Ipod touch will be flawless.

And if you want those awesome Iphone apps plus others (such as IM clients for MSN, Yahoo etc) it can all be done so you can have the functionality of an Iphone, minus the phone :P. More on Jailbreaking Later 😛