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Underbelly Figure Bashed To Death


It seems like the Australian public has gone mad at the news that Gangland killer Carl Williams has been bashed to death inside a high-security prison in Victoria. Thousands of users tweeted and updated their Facebook Statuses across the nation, many of them offering thoughts of condolences or messages of love. You may find yourself asking why people are laying adoration upon a convicted murderer and friends I have on answer for you; Australian Television.

Let me give those of you from overseas a quick rundown on the situation. In the late 90’s there was a string of Gangland murders in Melbourne. Mr. Williams was responsible for three of those murders and failed conspiracy to murder a fourth. Along with those charges he was also a convicted drug trafficker. Now here in Australia they thought it would be a great idea to base a television series called Underbelly on all of this criminal activity during the Gangland War. All the characters names are the same, many of them are still living in real life.

Now as many would know, even in movies it is always stated that the movie or television series is “Based on a true story”. That basically gives the director the right to change it around to make a good film or good television. Now see the show portrayed this guy as a decent person, and as a direct response it turns out that thousands of people across the internet actually believe it! Well done, one of our national icons was a bushranger, and now one of our respected celebrities is a drug trafficking murderer.

But I guess they don’t get Channel 9 in prison….maybe if the inmates were fans of the show they would have liked him too.

It’s Not Over


The nation has stopped and watched the horror as hundreds of people died, and even more were left homeless as the worst bushfires in the state’s history charged through on Saturday 7th of February.

Some light rain offered some relief for firefighters here in the Gippsland region, but it didn’t last long. The Churchill/Jeeralang fire is still active, and with weather conditions heating up this weekend, the possibility of a hard weekend is looking worse and worse with each passing hour.

Chris and his family got a chance to finally get up the hill to Koornalla and see first hand the damage the blaze had caused not only to his families property, but the houses that were missing in his block. He has been kind enough to provide these photos so everyone can get a sense of the damage that has been caused.

More Exclusive Photos from the Koornalla region can be found here

Once again we are reminded of just how trustworthy, reliable and morally just our officers in the Victorian Police Force are with this great piece of news…

A 33 year old Victorian Senior Constable from Melbourne’s Eas has been arrested after a six month investigation by the the Police Ethical Standards Department. 

The officer is facing 4 counts of rape (with 3 women), 11 drug offences, attempting to pervert the course of justice, two counts of misconduct and just as the cherry on top, two counts of offering bribes. Police allege that the drugs in question involved ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines

Well done officer, still would have liked to have seen a few counts of Grand Theft Auto and maybe Manslaughter in there