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MMGN.COM takes a look at the Wii 2 from Nintendo which has been given the codename Project Cafe, and also the PSN outage that is plaguing gamers worldwide.


Underbelly Figure Bashed To Death


It seems like the Australian public has gone mad at the news that Gangland killer Carl Williams has been bashed to death inside a high-security prison in Victoria. Thousands of users tweeted and updated their Facebook Statuses across the nation, many of them offering thoughts of condolences or messages of love. You may find yourself asking why people are laying adoration upon a convicted murderer and friends I have on answer for you; Australian Television.

Let me give those of you from overseas a quick rundown on the situation. In the late 90’s there was a string of Gangland murders in Melbourne. Mr. Williams was responsible for three of those murders and failed conspiracy to murder a fourth. Along with those charges he was also a convicted drug trafficker. Now here in Australia they thought it would be a great idea to base a television series called Underbelly on all of this criminal activity during the Gangland War. All the characters names are the same, many of them are still living in real life.

Now as many would know, even in movies it is always stated that the movie or television series is “Based on a true story”. That basically gives the director the right to change it around to make a good film or good television. Now see the show portrayed this guy as a decent person, and as a direct response it turns out that thousands of people across the internet actually believe it! Well done, one of our national icons was a bushranger, and now one of our respected celebrities is a drug trafficking murderer.

But I guess they don’t get Channel 9 in prison….maybe if the inmates were fans of the show they would have liked him too.


I stumbled across this article on news.com.au and I just had to share it with you all!

A UK woman claims falling from a Wii Fit board turned her instantly into a nymphomaniac. Amanda Flowers told the Daily Star she now needs up to 10 sex sessions a day after damaging a nerve in the fall. She has been diagnosed with persistent genital arousal disorder, a condition which gained global attention when it featured in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in 2008. Ms Flowers, who lives in Manchester, said the urge to have sex was irresistable. She said small vibrations from her mobile phone or food processor were enough to turn her on. “It began as a twinge down below, before surging through my body,” Ms Flowers told the Daily Star.“Sometimes it built up into a trembling orgasm.” The single Ms Flowers said all she could do was try to control it with deep breathing, or “find a superstud who can satisfy me”.

Really? A superstud? Only in the U.K I guess! This revelation may cause an instant increase of Wii Fit sales as hardcore gamers across the world all rush out to purchase the device for their partners. There is always hope my friends 😛

Internet Censorship: Australia

I’m not one for screaming “Fuck The System” or causing a fuss, but when I live in a country that prides itself on being laid back and fancy free, and they impose censorship on me, I start to get pretty angry. Those who know me I’m rather passionate about the tough censorship laws on Video-Games in Australia. This is a law that desperately needs to be reviewed, and while every other Attorney General in the country agrees, one man holds the power to keep the law as it is. This is scary to think that one man holds so much power, but today’s news has me considering leaving this country.

The trial of the controversial Internet filtering system is over and the government are planning to implement it in full force. Basically an un-named third party will have the right to refuse websites classification, thus making them unable to be viewed within Australia.


All I’m saying is this it total HORSE SHIT. I know one country that is just like this……it’s called CHINA!

2008 saw the release of No More Heroes for the Nintendo Wii, a bold game from the Suda51 team. While other developers were releasing party games and shovelware, Suda51 brought us a game that had a bit of everything, retro appeal, pop culture references, and more importantly a game that was made for teenagers and adults.

Unfortunate for many hardcore gamers out there who steer clear of the Wii’s kiddie appeal you all missed out on what really was a unique title that truly needs to be played to understand and appreciate it.

Rumours have been circulating for a while now that Suda51 wanted to bring the next installment of the series to HD consoles such as the Xbox 360 and the PS3, but those rumours have some substance now with the announcement of No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, a prettier version of the Wii original launching for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Texture quality has been ramped up, more pixels crammed in and advanced lighting techniques will make this play like a dream on the more powerful consoles. Launch date has been stated as 25th of Feb 2010 in Japan, but still waiting for a North American and European release date to be confirmed.

The question is will they censor it like they did for the Wii version in Australia. While American and Japanese audience members had sprays of blood across the screen due to Australia’s harsh censorship laws we only saw black squares as enemies were killed. While this was in no way detrimental to the overall experience of the gameplay, the fact the OFLC is so in inconsistent when it comes to these matters, I wouldn’t be surprised if the gore is re-instated on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

It’s Not Over


The nation has stopped and watched the horror as hundreds of people died, and even more were left homeless as the worst bushfires in the state’s history charged through on Saturday 7th of February.

Some light rain offered some relief for firefighters here in the Gippsland region, but it didn’t last long. The Churchill/Jeeralang fire is still active, and with weather conditions heating up this weekend, the possibility of a hard weekend is looking worse and worse with each passing hour.

Chris and his family got a chance to finally get up the hill to Koornalla and see first hand the damage the blaze had caused not only to his families property, but the houses that were missing in his block. He has been kind enough to provide these photos so everyone can get a sense of the damage that has been caused.

More Exclusive Photos from the Koornalla region can be found here

TiVo Lands in Aus

11 years ago a little device was launched in the US called TiVo. It apparently revolutionised Television viewing for the whole country. I had often heard of the device as it is constantly mentioned in TV shows and the like, and when it was announced last year that TiVo was coming to Australia is was skeptical.
Unlike the USA where they have a large number of competitive networks, we are fairly limited here in Australia. The TiVo unit does NOT hook up to an Austar/Foxtel service to clarify that straight off the bat. I’ve been using my TiVo for the past three weeks, and I must say all my fears have been thrown out the window, and the device has opened my eyes to a wide selection of great viewing.
For those who aren’t familiar with WHAT TiVo is all about let me fill you in. Basically it’s a VCR for the new ages. Featuring 160gb of storage, through the use of an Electronic Program Guide that is accurate, you can tell the device to record shows for you. The TiVo has 2 HD Tuners, so this means you can record 2 shows, and you can be watching a third recording while this is happening! 
A simple and intuitive user interface, I had my partner up and running in minutes, and soon I found my hard drive filled with “So you think you can dance” and “Australia’s Next Top Model”. With a simple rating system of Thumbs up or Thumbs Down the TiVo adapts to your viewing. If you for instance give three thumbs up to Oprah, the TiVo will record shows for you that based on your ratings, it thinks you might like. This is a nifty feature as it recorded a bunch of shows I never would normally watch, and I enjoyed most of them.
Another cool feature is the “Season Pass” which allows you to tell the unit to record every episode of a TV series for instance. When in this mode you can also setup the unit to record based on inputs, I have told my TiVo to record anything to do with Soccer, so whenever something Soccer related comes on TV it will record it for me.
TiVo is out now, priced at $699 and available at Harvey Norman stores. It is great value for money, a simple and easy to use interface, allowing you to record you favourite shows, pause live TV, and when the update comes out next year we could be seeing a TV revolution in Australia

Binge Drinkers Unite?

What are your thoughts on the Rudd Governments rediculous tax hike on “alcopops” and now the claim that if you drink more than 4 middies of beer or two glasses of wine you are binge drinking?

I’m interested in both legal age and all you kids who like a drink on the weekend (I’m not agreeing that you should be drinking below the age of 18 lets just make that clear)

First of all my thoughts….

The Rudd Crusade are trying to tackle the problem of street violence which they believe is largely caused by teenage binge drinking. How do they think they will stop this issue? By introducing a 70% tax hike on all alcopops. For starters WHAT THE HELL IS AN ALCOPOP? I’ve never once heard someone refer to a Jim Beam or a Bundy as an ALCOPOP. So now instead of paying a sweet price of $16 for a six pack of Bundy I find myself paying $22, and a slab of Jack Daniels is now $105! I am a hard working, responsible adult who enjoys a drink on the weekends, only a six pack or so, and now because parents can’t control their teens I am suffering for them. THIS IS TOTAL FUCKING BUFFALO DIARRHEA ASS MUNCHING OUT MY DICK BULLSHIT!

This sudden large increase in price is having people go out and buy straight alcohol instead. Cheaper alternative, but this has a negative impact. Why you may ask? Well for us over the legal age each can or bottle of PREMIX (I refuse to call them alcopops) drink has a standard drink rating so you can monitor how much you have had, so you can know if you are safe to drive and drink responsibly etc. This is a standard and is easy to monitor and control. Well now I refuse to pay rediculous prices for my booze I find myself mixing my own drinks, which is NOT controlled. I have no real way of monitoring how much alcohol I have in my drink as someone else may mix a drink for me a little stronger than I would myself, or maybe my second drink had less coke in it than my first etc…

So now instead of having a controlled substance, teenagers are mixing their own straight drinks and end up even worse off! Smart move Ruddster!

So if teens are the problem, upping the price on alcopops must be the solution. NO! How about tougher liquor laws, obviously they aren’t tough enough if teens are constantly binge drinking. Upping the price stops nothing, it just makes consumers who are responsible and of legal age outraged!

Parents are the problem. Control your children. If your kid is having a party don’t let them have booze. It is your responsibility to look after your own kids, not us tax payers paying for it in the long run.

Now the Rudd Crusade comes out saying 2 glasses of wine or 4 middies constitutes as binge drinking…..REDICULOUS! This is all to support their plans to now up the price on beer and wines too. I know many people who go out for dinner, drink a bottle or two of wine and are perfectly responsible, I wouldn’t call that binge drinking.

Personally I think it’s a fucking joke, and just another example of Rudd’s lack of understanding of our country, and another prime example that he should not be leading the country….


Corey Worthington- Party Liason?


I’m not going to lie, this whole story with this little wanker Corey Worthington has gotten TOTALLY out of hand!

For those who have been hiding from the world wide media, the story here is that this 16 year old kid threw a party at his house while his parents were away on holidays. He organised it through popular social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook and via text messages and word of mouth, which resulted in 500 + teenagers getting to his place, with a whole bunch of booze and drinking themselves stupid.

Naturally the police were called, with several squads, sniffer dogs and a police helicopter required to bring the party to a close. Police cars, and surround property were damaged, and the police are charging the Worthington family $20,000 to compensate.

Well first of all the media attacks his parents, which I feel is completely unfair. They were on a holiday in which their son backed out of as he “had to work”. They then organised for him to stay at a friends place for the weekend, and obviously he changed those plans without their consent or knowledge.

But the real issue here, is this little brat doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. He is actually proud of his achievement and really doesn’t give a shit about what he’s done.

Now the media is adding fuel to the fire, with every TV station getting interviews with this kid, thrwoing it in our faces. Facebook has developed a Corey Worthington Trust Fund with donations to pay for the $20,000 bill this kid a got himself. Still he hasn’t even been home to his parents since they returned.

Soon we are going to see this kid with his own show on TV, most likely some MTV junk like Punk’D. This is really going to send a strong message to the youth, “Kid’s don’t try this at home….. because you will get 15 minutes of fame and a reality TV show out of it” really makes me not want to throw an awesome party!

 I just can’t get over the attitude this kid displays. When asked by Channel 9 if he had any tips for others throwing a party his response was “Yep, get me to throw it for you”. He’s been getting job offers from events companies, nightclubs, you name it, this stunt could turn out to be very lucrative. One promoter has said

“We’re prepared to put him in as a party promoter — we’d organise an underage party and have him as the host.

“A promoter who can organise a party for 500 people can make anywhere from $2000 to $10,000.

“If he can pull 500 to the street, he could easily fill up a club.”

I just wish the media would let it go, and stop sending the message that what this kid did it all ok!

Once again we are reminded of just how trustworthy, reliable and morally just our officers in the Victorian Police Force are with this great piece of news…

A 33 year old Victorian Senior Constable from Melbourne’s Eas has been arrested after a six month investigation by the the Police Ethical Standards Department. 

The officer is facing 4 counts of rape (with 3 women), 11 drug offences, attempting to pervert the course of justice, two counts of misconduct and just as the cherry on top, two counts of offering bribes. Police allege that the drugs in question involved ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines

Well done officer, still would have liked to have seen a few counts of Grand Theft Auto and maybe Manslaughter in there